The Taproot: Marriage that Grows


Marriage is a garden that feeds us, brings us joy.  Some put great time into their choice of seeds to plant each year.  But gardeners for life grow their mastery in cultivating the soil, knowing then that anything planted will thrive beyond all expectation.  Family.  Work.  Legacy.

Here we are learning:

  • How to grow in emotional intelligence
  • How to hold a hard conversation
  • How to shrink self-criticism
  • How to know your own blind spots
  • How to feed joy

Working with me, you now own proven tools to map and grow what you want to be for yourself, for each other.  Over twelve weeks you will create together both rapid shifts and more slow-growing changes that deepen your taproots and give you the nourishment and resilience for the long game and for greater joy.  This is love in action.

Created for all those who are in for the long path, the Taproot is a curated toolbox for those who are committed to being amazing in relationships.

No one else is coming to grow your marriage.  It's just you.

Enroll today.  Do this together and have an amazing three months.    Because love is a verb.

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Lorca Smetana is an expert in drawing joy to the surface of people’s lives, bringing both depth and fun to her work as a coach, speaker, resilience consultant and a teacher in Montana State University’s Human Leadership Development program.

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