Coaching & Special Retreats

Three Programs -- For individuals or couples.

  • The Tarn Resilience Mapping -- Personal resilience mapping, making space, looking forward.
  • The Taproot -- Deepening internal and external support and resources, designing for both impact and ease.  
  • The Bellwether -- Human resilient leadership development, grounded in your story, and moving beyond it.

Resilience training is a tool and a lens to equip you to face any crisis, trauma or change with serenity and strength.  Every next level of your life will require a different you.   More than support into action and through obstacles, this is support through transition and into transformation.  

Today, “normative” breakdowns in mental and emotional health adversely affect productivity, motivation, judgment, and job satisfaction. Resilience training feeds the efficacy of everyday actions and creates a new basis for how you handle times of intensity and crisis, affecting how well you integrate what you learn and how quickly you recover.  Resilience is a powerful lens through which you will assess everything afresh. 

Managing your own resilience

A game-changing online or farm retreat.   New perspective, a smiling voice, intelligent questions, a peaceful presence.  Real-time eco-based mental models that brings you insight and direction in any moment.  I have a set of tools that we'll use together to get you what you want.  

Words from others:

  • "YOU!  Your demeanor, your calmness, your openness and fun, your thinking outside the box, you have such an ease and relatability that makes it so easy to work with you.  The way that you describe things, and me, it’s as if you were seeing the best in me already unfolded in your mind."  
  • "It used to be like a squirrel in a cage.  It has slowed down.  My thoughts are more clear and defined, not so muddled.  I feel myself in moments breathing now where before I didn’t.  I set more boundaries, give myself more space, don’t take shit the way I would have before.  I did not love that time in my life before this.  I looked at the kind of people that I really wanted to be with, work with, for more depth in my relationships.  Now I have people who are loyal, respectful of my time, of me, and it has completely changed my whole life.  I grew so people changed toward me.  And it feels more whole, it has all come together, as it feels like it was supposed to be."

Call to schedule a 20-minute consult to learn how you can feed your resilience.  

Talk with Lorca.


"My goal for working with Lorca as my coach was to sharpen my focus and validate my decision to leave my 20+ year software development career.  She didn't do this.  Instead, she guided me away from my "just get 'er done" instincts and compartmentalized goal setting, towards a calm and unfamiliar place.  A place where I could notice and feel, and release the underlying anxieties I tried to hide, even from myself.   A place where I could stop pleasing others at my expense and start living an authentic, creative, and well integrated life. 

Lorca gave me what I never knew to ask for and couldn't see I needed.  I am grateful."

Amy A., Food & Wine Educator and Health Advocate

To talk and share:



“Paramedics are expertly trained in the craft of saving lives. We are expected to perform tasks at the highest possible caliber in challenging environments at some of the worst moments of people’s lives. What is fundamentally missing from our profession is the acknowledgement of what we are not prepared or supported for. For over a decade I have provided care for others in the context of crisis. On ambulances, in homes, hospitals and now by helicopter I have welcomed new life, fought to save it and held its hand as it leaves.  I was introduced to Lorca following the death of my close friend and co-worker who died in a helicopter crash.  This experience provided the catalyst to meet with Lorca under a banner of tragedy and heartbreak.  Even in this state it was quickly apparent to me that she was capable of coaching so much more than the immediate situation of processing his death and climbing back in a helicopter. Lorca has helped expand my personal “scope of practice”, igniting my gifts as an educator, speaker and leader.

Relevance is a key component when seeking advice of any kind. You wouldn’t ask a banker for baking advice, just as you wouldn’t seek counsel from a coach who had no frame of reference to your field.  Lorca’s experience as a young adventurer, facing death at a young age and her lifelong pursuit of living with honor makes her relevant to my kind.  She has a commitment to coach and support rescuers and crisis responders of all kinds. If you are here, trust your gut, you are ready for your reality and career to morph and grow.  Have fun!

Ben King, Flight Paramedic, Crisis Educator & Trainer, Cultural Change Warrior