Organizational Resilience Training & Development

Building a better boat when already at sea...


Resilience training is a tool and a lens to equip you to face any crisis, trauma or change with serenity and strength.

Resilience thinking is galvanizing scientists, governments, and social innovators -- it asks how to support people and create systems that know how to recover, persist and even to thrive in the face of change.   I teach what feeds your resilience and your people.

There is no doubt that the "normative" breakdowns in employees' mental health adversely affect such things as productivity, motivation, judgment, and job satisfaction. In fact, we believe that employees' mental health is the most valuable asset of any organization. -- Rick Suarez, PhD.


  • The Tarn Praxis Training -- organic working models of resilience
  • Targeted administration and team trainings
  • Personal and group retreats
  • Administration and staff coaching


You bring me in as the catalyst for organizational vitality from within.  I help professionals who care for others to know their particular resilience challenges in order to build deeper wells of energy and stay more whole through time.  My clients and students are happier, more peaceful, more efficient and creative, and more generous in their work.

Resilience will feed everyday operations and be the basis for how you will handle times of intensity and times of crisis.  It's leveraged and will determine how well you integrate what you learn and how quickly you recover.

The results of working with resilience appear in more alive employees -- less stress, more aligned with purpose, with more integrated professional, physical, spiritual and emotional lives.  You also see in them greater creativity and humor in the face of the challenges inherent in your mission.   They make fewer mistakes, miss less work, innovate more and last longer.  These are the kind of people you want to show up to work with, and the kind of person you want to be in the world.  

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Lorca Smetana brings resilience, fulfillment and energy back into the lives of professionals whose care for and serve others. As a survivor of tragedy she teaches, coaches and consults around risk, mortality and the meaningful life. She was the founding director of Angel Flight Northwest. As a consultant she helps organizations clarify their robustness and fragility and then learn to build a better boat while at sea.

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As an Executive Director, I have hired Lorca to work with me during the past three years with two non-profit educational organizations.  Each time she worked professionally with teachers to create an environment to balance professional and personal goals. She is remarkable in her ability to work with educators to create a dynamic where they feel safe working with each other and within themselves. Because teachers can often give themselves to the point where they leave their profession, she trained our staffs in understanding how caring for themselves is caring for their careers.

On  personal note, I have the utmost respect for Lorca and her journey in this world.  She is open and kind and intelligent.  She listens, and is able to carefully craft the perfect workshop around specific criteria. She isn't stuck to repeating the same workshop over and over. She is constantly developing and evolving, and her work is exceptional.

Gennifre Hartman, Executive Director, Great Beginnings and Founder, The Traveling School