Meet the Flock

Pigeons and humans have an older and deeper history than you know —

These are our homing pigeon racing teams.  They are outstanding athletes, but they also light our family and our children… 

Our farm is home to around 200 trained homing pigeons.  Of these, around 50 form my white flock, bred and hand raised specifically for release in celebrations of life and death and for therapeutic use, guiding people in the sometimes difficult times of letting go…

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Each time our children were born, we held a special naming race.  Favorite names were put in envelopes with the racing birds’ band numbers written on the outside.  With the arrival of the winning bird, the corresponding envelope was opened and they gave our children their names.  


We held the memorial service at our home for my husband and you came and spoke with your doves.  Lorca, your personality and demeanor were perfect for that special day.  I have been so thankful for the peace you brought with you when you came.  It was very precious and needed.

Valerie Lipka