White Doves -- Personal & Family Ceremonial Releases

“Magic.  Just magic.”

“So worth it. You are such a beautiful speaker and your partnership with your birds is wonderful.”

“It’s years later and people still talk to me about the doves flying at the ceremony.”

“We received a lot of compliments on your behalf.  It was an amazing thing to have you and your birds at our wedding.  Thank you again.”

An explosion of white birds into the sky.  A pair of birds released from your hands.  A single white dove released in honor of one who could not be there but is not forgotten.  This is an expression of joy beyond language.

Releases are personalized to each couple and accoutrements are coordinated to compliment your wedding colors.  The flights can be created around music, readings or the kiss!  I will work with your photographer to help create the most powerful images. 

Doves mate for life, symbols around the world of love and spirit, of hope and coming home.  These will all return together to their loft on the Gallatin River. 

Bring us to fly for you.

Celebrate and illuminate — 

  • Martin & Lindsay -- white doves for the weddingYour wedding
  • Closure
  • Adopting a child
  • Coming of age
  • A birth
  • Graduation
  • Re-commitment
  • Separation
  • Healing
  • Claiming a new home or land
  • Mobilization or demobilization
  • Moving to the next place
  • Personal milestones and goals
  • Stepping beyond grief, guilt, blame
  • Saying goodbye
    and more…


For dove release ceremonies
Troy & Lisa -- white doves for their wedding


Thank you so much, Lorca for the gift of the doves in our wedding ceremony.  Their symbolism is so powerful, representing for us joy, purity, blessings, fidelity and love.  It made a perfect day even that much more meaningful, knowing that your birds mate for life and were flying home across great distances to be with their loved ones. When the doves were released, the people started cheering, and the horses came running up over the hill, as if on command, it was like we were being blessed by the Universe in this one perfect moment and our hearts were lifted higher than we ever thought possible.  Including them in our wedding ceremony about the lifelong commitment we have made to each other meant so much to us and we are so grateful. Thank you!

Lindsay & Martin DeGroot