Memorial Ceremonies

Fly white doves.

We humans need still moments. In a hurried world it is so important to mark the deeper events that connect us with a simple, powerful symbol of love.

The sight of a white dove ascending home is a moment that transcends words and will not be forgotten. Make it a part of your memories.

I am a celebrant and singer with white doves, and I create a celebration ritual with you and your family, either one that stands alone or that fits within a larger ceremony. We can release individual birds, a great and joyful flock, or a lovely combination of the two.

My doves (white homing pigeons) have a natural instinct to mate for life.  They tend and raise their young together. When separated they will fly incredible distances to reunite, using abilities still not entirely understood to navigate unknown territories. These extraordinary characteristics have throughout history made the dove the symbol of love and peace, of faithfulness, of faith, and of freedom.

Call me.

To request a flight


You have no idea what happened inside me when I let that bird go.  Thank you.