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Take it to beautiful and then out to outrageous. Kick off your ceremonies with an extra level of excitement as a flock of white doves blaze in the sunshine, circle in front of the crowd and swirl for the mountains. It’s a no-fuss, high-impact, environmentally terrific way to have your people on their feet and ready for anything. As a celebrant with doves I offer you a powerful moment of joy.

My doves (white homing pigeons) have a natural instinct to mate for life. When separated they will fly incredible distances to reunite, using abilities still not entirely understood to navigate unknown territories. These characteristics have throughout history made the dove the symbol of love and peace, of faithfulness and of liberation.

To request a dove release


To move forward, you need to know what no longer serves you, and let it go…

Dear Lorca, my dove release in August was one of inspiration, freedom and letting go of the old…heading with passion into the new.  Thanks for being on my path! Keep doing what you’re doing! sending hugs this time from Palm Springs.