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A Hunger for Joy — Lorca’s TEDx

This has been a long time coming -- when what needs to be talked of is a stronger voice than that of discomfort.  There is a special kind of work that occurs at the intersection of courage and vulnerability.  I arrived at that place here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bA4s-0D9AK8 Lorca Smetana found herself a survivor in the aftershock of one of the worst climbing accidents in the history of this country. For 33 years, she has been giving herself to resilience and compassion – adding light in every direction. And the daily return arrives in gift after gift of joy. Lorca Smetana is fiercely for

Taking PTSD under the pavilion

The gift of inland islands... Three months ago post-traumatic stress came to walk beside me again, after many years gone. Random panic attacks and loss of breath that came with me out to visit the sheep or had me veering my truck to the side of the road, nightmares that chased me out of my bed, and a demoralizing paralysis in writing as if the two occupied the same synapses in my brain and couldn't coexist. A year into returning to my story of trauma in writing the book I had been surprised at and congratulating myself on my own steadiness in the