Do you want creatively resilient thinking and radical self-care in your people?  Do you want them feeling more innovative, more peaceful and more grounded?  And do you want a resilient organization that meets change or crisis beautifully?  This is what we do together.

Lorca Smetana is an expert in resilience thinking and post-traumatic growth -- a gifted speaker, resilience teacher and mentor who helps students and professionals in high-stress lives short-circuit burnout, expand resilience skills and grow as survivors into leaders.

She touches and changes the lives of her listeners. Through her personal story as a survivor of tragedy that made breaking news in 1986 as nine of her companions died on a school climb of Mt. Hood, Lorca gives voice to the fragility of life and inspires newfound purpose and strength to those who are coping with stress, negativity or grief.

An insightful communicator, Lorca delivers practical wisdom with empathy, intelligence, and a profound understanding of the human heart.  She is a keynote speaker for companies, nonprofits and spiritual communities and institutes, as well as speaking to TEDx and PechaKucha audiences.  Your community will come out changed, heartened and strengthened.

For availability and speaking fees, call (406) 581-1522.

Recent Speaker Topics

  • A Hunger for Joy
  • Radical Compassion & Social Courage
  • The Pillars of Resilience: Reversing Burnout, Touching Life
  • Strategic Mindfulness for Caregivers & Crisis Responders: Rescuers That Last
  • Mindsets for Innovation: Strength in Vulnerability
  • Community in Tragedy -- A Path of Belonging
  • On the Grace & Tyranny of Mortality: From Tragedy through to Joy

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Lorca came to speak at our most significant community event last year. She spoke, but more importantly she moved, all of us—4 year olds, to wide eyed 11 year olds, to cool 16 year olds, to staid adults. Lorca’s combination of storytelling, quiet passion and commitment, and calm centeredness made us all rethink our life choices: are we doing all we can to make this a better place? Lorca leads by example: she does not tell, she shows; her style is engaging, carefully thoughtful and compelling. The few moments she was able to spend with us have lingered on through conversation, thoughtful gestures and deep reflection.

Mo Copeland Head of School Oregon Episcopal School