The Icelandic Sheep

For sale from the farm —

  • Meat Lambs
  • Raw Wool, Roving and Spun Yarn
  • Sheepskins

Fiber artists and foodies rejoice!

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Icelandic sheep!  A ferociously hardy heirloom breed that has been cultivated and protected in Iceland for over 1000 years.  No other breeds are allowed into that island nation, and once a sheep has left it is not allowed back.

Icelandic lamb meat is known for exquisite flavor and tenderness, and one of the special qualities of the breed is that the flavor never makes the shift into tasting like mutton.  No gaminess, and no odd flavors in the fat that some New Zealand lamb can acquire.  Think legs of lamb, ribs, ground lamb, lamb cassoulet, lamb shanks, kebabs…meal after meal that has the eyes rolling back in your head from the party in your mouth.

Our whole lambs are available every fall for $225.  (Note: You can buy a single leg of lamb for around $55, to put this in perspective.)   Click here to be put on our list and reserve yours.  A freezer with this lamb will give you a necklace of truly celebrational and memorable meals through your year.   We warmly recommend the skills and service of the Amsterdam Meat Shop for our friends who choose not to do their own processing.

These sheep are perfectly suited for Montana winters, and their versatility is fantastic.  The dual-coated Icelandic fleece is light in lanolin and one of the most prized and desired premium fleeces in the fiber world. The undercoat, called the thel, is very fine and extremely soft.  The longer outer coat is called the tog.   This allows spinners wonderful flexibility in creating yarn for a broad range of purposes.  They come in multiple colors and a great breadth of patterning, and both the rams and the ewes may be horned.

They provide our family with sheepskin fleeces, raw wool, roving and spun yarn and these are for sale as available or as commissioned.

Our flock has been a key component of our noxious weed and fire control program, allowing us to decisively reduce the populations of invasive Canadian thistle and spotted knapweed on our riverside farm without resorting to toxic intervention.



I travel all over the world, and as an expert in flavor and nutrition I come at food with a unique eye.  The lamb asada roast we experienced at Lorca’s home was not only some of the best food I can ever remember putting in my body, but the whole experience was nothing short of magic.  Slow-roasting food over open coals adds a depth of flavor that is unmatchable.  And knowing that the meat came off the land we were standing on was connecting, beautiful and real.  Intimate.  Walking away from that meal I felt full in all senses — full of nutrition, full of flavor, full of love and full of life.

Dr. Tanda Cook, ND, Chef, Author, Revolutionary