Death, Joy & Homing Pigeons - Pecha Kucha Bozeman - Lorca Smetana


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    • Thank you, Ken. I just put in another PK application for a new one, so we’ll see! Visit my blog post on Adventures in “deathbed” Conversations for a preview… Wanna play?

  • Lorca I greet your heart that has already nestled deep into my center of being, as you follow your joy and share your passion with others. I may never see you face to face again and that matters not, for your being, full and rich in power filled moments, has re- ignited an old desire to follow my life’s purpose.
    For years I have engaged in letter writing to family and friends, digging deep into feeling and joyously shared. Now I believe my desire to attend in other’s end of life experience by somehow wedding my writing gift seems possible. Just watching you create and unfold your life is model enough to ‘release’ within me all the gifts I am meant to share with the world.
    Your presentation Feb.21 at Mountains of Courage Seminar, is a life changer for me.
    Thank you, too, for the heart moving message. You are a woman of the new age aborning.

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