Burnout is an open door. - Lorca Smetana

Sometimes I feel I must be an alien, because I really, really love to talk about death, and about burnout. But this is really why. When I start from death, and burnout, we skip over the trite, and the hiding places, and the escape hatches, and go deep into the real. And then I can speak into survival, vulnerability, leadership, and of recovery and resilience into a listening of reawakening, because over and over, if we do it right, the deepest parts of ourselves become our new skin.

Tomorrow, at the Bozeman Public Library at noon I’ll be talking about burnout. To start with.

The Pillars of Resilience — Meeting Burnout Where It Begins

Wednesday, February 19, 2014, Noon

Bozeman Public Library Conference Room

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  • We’re both Pledian.

    Don’t ever stop (writing, singing, laughing, giving, shining). You never know who will resonate with you and amplify your gift.

    Much love always.

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