Spotless loft

Yesterday I cleaned all four sections of the white bird loft -- scraped, wiped, vacuumed feathers and dust and gave the birds a bath to play in at the same time. We had a big truckload of feed coming in and fun tractor time unloading it. It's time to separate the mated pairs and close up their nesting boxes. This will help them change focus from nesting to molting. The timing of molting isn't as important for the white flock as it is for the racing teams, but it's good for them to start now and

Birchwood Talk and Release

This week I took a basket of birds up to Birchwood, the assisted living part of the Hillcrest retirement center for a talk and dove release. They gave me a microphone to help people hear better. I brought a white flock but also a red check, a blue bar and a silver hen to illustrate about colors and breeding. I also brought wooden eggs, a nest bowl, leg bands and some mixed feed so that people could feel things. I held a bird so that each person could feel its feathers, and the white bloom