Survivors, Creativity and Leadership presentation at the Bozeman Public Library

Lorca Smetana From Chaos to Beauty: Survivors, Creativity and Leadership Brown Bag Lunch Presentation at the Bozeman Public Library Community Room Wednesday, May 29 at 12:00 noon Please join us at noon, Wednesday 29th in the Community Room of the Bozeman Public Library for a presentation by Lorca Smetana of A Dove Above Montana. "We are surrounded by survivors in every community, people who have moved through trauma or pain, drawing from themselves deeper resources of strength, creativity and meaning than they had ever needed before. Live media connection with traumatic events such as the Twin Towers, Columbine, Newtown and

Electric fences, lust and Pavlov

The primary side effect of a shock received directly from the electric sheep fence charger seems to be to set the mind racing. "What was that LIKE?!" my mind wants to know, scrambling for comparisons as I stand still, re-sensing arms, shoulders, heart. A punch in the chest, Cuban espresso, getting horrible news, a shot of smooth whiskey and stumbling into mad lust all have their place in that inventory. My mind skates off to Pavlovian inquiry -- am I now less inclined to bottle-feeding lambs, maternal instinct, keeping sheep in the first place, going out in windstorms? Not

…and dances in rhythmic measures.

The same stream of life that runs through my veins night and day runs through the world and dances in rhythmic measures. From the commonplace book of my grandfather, Lyle Bush I imagine two great rushing streams rolling down through history and joining in my blood. One a North European monastery, perhaps a military order as well as a healing one. Built for and by community, in the service of something greater than personal wants and needs. Tapestry, stone, and illuminated manuscript, herb gardens, cloister, orchard and stables. Wine and liqueurs, balm and tincture, wool and silk and leather. Sword practice and

On receiving salt and light…

A pirate friend of mine recently sent me a note: "If a dove release symbolizes letting something go . . . then what would you do to symbolize receiving? I know I need to work on that. I have a hard time getting around to sending out invoices for my work. What's beautiful in your world today?" Every morning, take bread and put on it a little butter and a little salt. Take it and your drinking bowl, peeling off steam, out to the edge of your space - a balcony, the edge of the lawn in the snow -- somewhere with

Pigeon pose…

Making magic again! Gorgeous photo shoot day down at the tipi in the aspen grove on the last day of fall, the very day before the snows swooped into Montana from Japan. The aspen colony came sweetly into its sea change of fall color for this shoot, scheduled weeks before. Beautiful women Brenda Robidou of Inspire Photography, Laura Kronske of Montana Kids Yoga, Cindy Shearer and Kelsie Frederickson and I played with leaves, lilies, silk cushions, green tea, cobalt vases, Italian plums, embroidered linens, a golden bed made with aspen trunks, and forty white doves. It

On workbaskets…

Tools are made and born are hands.Rilke These are freedom of creativity, neatness, thriftiness, duty, cleverness, portability, fullness and satisfaction, orderliness, accomplishment, and time. Each is complete unto itself, so there are scissors in each basket that needs them, for example. A basket can be put up and away, taken into a field, closed against curious little fingers and taken to bed or into a car. They are harmonious with the room, visually neatening it, confining a vast multitude of objects into a few pleasing shapes. They are maneuverable, none too heavy to be lifted easily