Monthly: May 2013

Survivors, Creativity and Leadership presentation at the Bozeman Public Library

Lorca Smetana From Chaos to Beauty: Survivors, Creativity and Leadership Brown Bag Lunch Presentation at the Bozeman Public Library Community Room Wednesday, May 29 at 12:00 noon Please join us at noon, Wednesday 29th in the Community Room of the Bozeman Public Library for a presentation by Lorca Smetana of A Dove Above Montana. "We are surrounded by survivors in every community, people who have moved through trauma or pain, drawing from themselves deeper resources of strength, creativity and meaning than they had ever needed before. Live media connection with traumatic events such as the Twin Towers, Columbine, Newtown and

Electric fences, lust and Pavlov

The primary side effect of a shock received directly from the electric sheep fence charger seems to be to set the mind racing. "What was that LIKE?!" my mind wants to know, scrambling for comparisons as I stand still, re-sensing arms, shoulders, heart. A punch in the chest, Cuban espresso, getting horrible news, a shot of smooth whiskey and stumbling into mad lust all have their place in that inventory. My mind skates off to Pavlovian inquiry -- am I now less inclined to bottle-feeding lambs, maternal instinct, keeping sheep in the first place, going out in windstorms? Not