Monthly: September 2012

On workbaskets…

Tools are made and born are hands.Rilke These are freedom of creativity, neatness, thriftiness, duty, cleverness, portability, fullness and satisfaction, orderliness, accomplishment, and time. Each is complete unto itself, so there are scissors in each basket that needs them, for example. A basket can be put up and away, taken into a field, closed against curious little fingers and taken to bed or into a car. They are harmonious with the room, visually neatening it, confining a vast multitude of objects into a few pleasing shapes. They are maneuverable, none too heavy to be lifted easily

This I believe.

We are all together on this ship and some of us will die sooner. Some young. I will grieve again, and comfort. It may be me. Those of us who are lucky will know ahead of time and not be incapacitated by pain and exhaustion and messes we have not cleaned up. If we are luckier this heightened awareness that is the gift of death may be seized by us periodically and good and great things and moments will be brought into the world as a result. What do I want to have been in my life with my mothers?