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These are some who are benefiting from working with Lorca:

Resilience training is a tool and a lens to equip you to face any crisis, trauma or change with serenity and strength.  Whether you are seeking a more resilient company or you are looking for personal support, you are going to find with me the user's manual they forgot to give you before. Humans are figuring these things out and you don't have to re-invent the wheel, and frankly, you don't need to spend the time.   Most of us don’t want to be somebody else. We like being ourselves but want to be the version with energy and focus and direction and humor.  That’s what resilience training is all about.  So click here for your team, or here if you want to fit your own oxygen mask first...

About Lorca

Lorca Smetana knows about coming back stronger and richer inside after living through crisis. She was born into a mountaineering community and started early thinking about mortality and the choices that we make if life were to be short. At the age of sixteen she was a survivor of the Mt. Hood climbing tragedy that took the lives of nine students and teachers. The awareness of mortality and its impact on how we live our lives remain a powerful thread through her work.

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People Saying...

“Lorca came to speak at our most significant community event last year. She spoke, but more importantly she moved, all of us—4 year olds, to wide eyed 11 year olds, to cool 16 year olds, to staid adults. Lorca’s combination of storytelling, quiet passion and commitment, and calm centeredness made us all rethink our life choices: are we doing all we can to make this a better place? Lorca leads by example: she does not tell, she shows; her style is engaging, carefully thoughtful and compelling. The few moments she was able to spend with us have lingered on through conversation, thoughtful gestures and deep reflection.”

Mo Copeland, Head of School, Oregon Episcopal School

“I was introduced to Lorca following the death of my close friend and co-worker who died in a helicopter crash. This experience provided the catalyst to meet with Lorca under a banner of tragedy and heartbreak. Even in this state it was quickly apparent to me that she was capable of coaching so much more than the immediate situation of processing his death and climbing back in a helicopter. Lorca has helped expand my personal “scope of practice”, igniting my gifts as an educator, speaker and leader. Lorca’s experience as a young adventurer, facing death at a young age and her lifelong pursuit of living with honor makes her relevant to my kind.”

Ben King, Flight Paramedic, Crisis Educator & Trainer, Cultural Change Warrior

“Lorca is remarkable in her ability to work with educators to create a dynamic where they feel safe working with each other and within themselves. Because teachers can often give themselves to the point where they leave their profession, she trained our staffs in understanding how caring for themselves is caring for their careers.”

Gennifre Hartman, Executive Director — Great Beginnings and Founder — The Traveling School

“What a gift it was to work with you. I doubt that I would be here in Indonesia if it were not for your timely nudging and encouragement at a time when I was stuck and feeling overwhelmed. You helped me find the warrior within and also be gentler with myself. It was very telling when my boss told me in mid-July, “You are sparkling, Nina. You seem really happy!” I was happy because I was liberated from my daily stress and instead was dictating the terms of my work and more importantly, I was excited about the grand adventure on the horizon for my family! Our time together helped make my mental transitions that laid the groundwork for the change possible.”

Nina Jaeger, Director of Major Gifts — Yellowstone Park Foundation

Who is Lorca?

Lorca Smetana is a mentor, speaker, consultant and storyteller/singer who helps her students expand resilience tools, resist burnout and grow as survivors into larger leaders.

Lorca touches and changes lives. Through her personal story as a survivor of tragedy that made breaking news in 1986 as nine of her companions died on a school climb of Mt. Hood, Lorca gives voice to the fragility of life and inspires newfound purpose and strength to those who are coping with life's challenges. She offers a new framework for a life that is self-organizing, and self-healing.

Weaving storytelling with useable tools, her audience is given a powerful story of devastation and rebuilding, an anatomy of resilience, and a framework for creating the essential ingredients of a sustainable and meaningful life, even in the context of repeated strain, loss and challenge. She speaks into her listeners' hopes for the creating of a new story, and for the development of leadership in the face of the experience of crisis.

Lorca's background brings together professional work in the fields of leadership development, resilience consulting, international programs, outdoor education, somatic experience, spiritual joy, self-compassion, team building and animal-assisted therapy. This diversity gives her work a depth and sophistication that makes working with her rich and interesting. She breeds and trains white homing pigeons and often integrates them in ways that are fun, moving and magical.

Lorca also trains students, teachers, emergency response teams, and veterans in developing personal resiliency in addition to working with organizations to develop strategies and structures that support their people on the ground to build finely tuned and long-lasting teams. An insightful communicator, Lorca delivers her practical wisdom with empathy, intelligence, and a profound understanding of the human heart. Your community will come out closer to each other, heartened and strengthened.